January 4, 2022


Juhi Bagaitkar, assistant professor, and Richard Lamont, professor and chair of the UofL Department of Oral Immunology and Infectious Disease
By Betty Coffman Proteins produced by oral epithelial cells protect humans against viruses entering the body through the mouth. Researchers from the UofL School of Dentistry and their colleagues have discovered details of this process and also found that oral bacteria can suppress the activity of these cells, increasing a person’s vulnerability to infection. A...
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Standing from left: Eric Turner, Tony Robinson, Anika Strand, Greg Vittitow and Toni Robinson of UofL's Student Success Center
By Janet Cappiello One arrived as an undocumented immigrant. Another couldn’t afford to replace broken eyeglasses. A third, the granddaughter of a University of Louisville custodian, needed a final boost after an 18-year academic journey. All three found the help and encouragement they needed from a Student Success coordinator in UofL’s Student Success Center. Introduced...
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